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Peter Griffin vs Homer Simpson

Peter Griffin on drugs

Family Guy Vs Futurama

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Stewie Griffin is White and Nerdy

Family Guy - Broccoli Must Die

this is a video from family guy edited and remixed


Lois kills Stewie part 1

Family Guy-Episode 101-Stewie Kills Lois

Family Guy Steals From The Simpsons

Family Guy Rude moments

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Family Guy Stewie Griffin Meets Wall Street

Bud Fox (Sheen) dreams of the luxury and power at the pinnacle of Wall Street investment banking. Stewie Griffin dreams of world domination: diapers never held a man back from rising to the top. Fox charms his way up with the help of Gordon Gekko (Douglas), in a world that values high-risk greed over low-yield ethics. Fox will soon find he is pit against his mentor in a winner-takes-all contest that neither can afford to lose, while little Stewie will continue to wreak havoc on the Griffin household and the world at large.

Family Guy Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes look at Family Guy!

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Family Guy - Uncensored

This video shows you the commentaries of some of Family Guy's characters

Family guy and superman 2

Family Guy 300 Trailer

Family Guy version of the movie trailer.

Family Guy Celebrates 100th Episode

100th episode especial from Family Guy

Arabic Stewie - Family guy

Family Guy - Mortal Kombat

Fan edited video

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Family Guy Stewie sings Eminem

Stewie singing Eminem

Family Guy Season 6 Quagmire Edit

An edit of Quagmire's 'best bits' from the Season 6 DVD of Family Guy,

Family Guy Season 6 Trailer

Family Guy Season 6: Deleted Scene 911 Call

An exclusive deleted scene from the Season 6 DVD of Family Guy, released on 15th October.

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My favorite parts from Season3

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Best Family Guy Moments part 2!!! Better than the first!!!